Wise Training Centre is Close Corporation that was registered during the last quarter of 2002 and has been in existence for over 10 years. This enterprise aims at further enhancing the aspects of training and development in security, computer, life skills training and providing professional protection Services. 

Wise Training is situated in Kwazulu Natal Ladysmith and is solemnly directed and owned by Mr. T.W Mhlanga who holds a Diploma in Financial Management, expertise in the field of Information technology & security risk assessment, a qualified assessor & moderator in security and has been in management for over 10 years.

 Wise Training Centre is a professional service provider for security services, which is fully compliant with all statutory requirements and accreditation. We strive for optimum excellence through satisfactory customer retention

Why choose Wise Training Centre?

We pride ourselves in providing exceptional training and development services.

We are a fully accredited learning institution. Every client is treated the same regardless of gender, age and race.

Most importantly we believe in superb service delivery.


To become the most preferred profitable training and service provider in a National spectrum in conjunction with the state of the art support systems.


In pursuit of the mission, the values upheld by Wise Training Centre include commitment with passion, tact with sensitivity and integrity with the accountability and utmost professionalism in its service delivery.


Quality: our central focus is that of delivering superior quality services for all our clients rather than proving “good enough services”.     

Integrity: we are different because integrity to us means that our relationship with our clients, employees are built on trust and a commitment to honesty and fairness.

Speed: we promote and encourage a sense of urgency in all our endeavours. Our clients derive greater value from our solutions when they are prompt and delivered with a passion of excellence and superiority.