What we do and Fleet Accounts we have

 The followings are what we do and fleets account we have and what it mean to our valued clients:

Fleet Account with Absa
This mean we can get a vehicle where and when a client need it, we also don’t choose for client we offer what a client is looking for.

Car Hire Account
We have car hire account at the car rental companies like Europcar, and Avis , This mean in an event where the client need a car in short period of time we can get car using our car rental account at Europcar or Avis

Easy Transportation
We transport clients from and to , their desired destination , and for us to accomplish the safety of the client we make sure the transporter have PDP and Advance driving , to ensure the client transportation at no Hazard

Armed Protectors
Our core value is safety; our core mission is to help bring you home safe! for us to ensure that we make sure that our clients are accompanied by the well trained armed protectors

Security Personnel 

Protect the client assets (property, people, equipment, money, etc.) from a variety of hazards (such as waste, damaged property, unsafe worker behaviour, criminal activity such as theft, etc.). Our security personnel Deployment is as follows:

o Grade E-D
Access Control

o Grade C

o Grade B

o Grade A

Cleaning and Gardening

We deliver a high quality, professional tailor made gardening, cleaning and hygiene services to a wide range of clientele.

o Flower, shrub and maintenance

o Hedge cutting
o Weed control in paving and lawns
o Edge trimming and neatening
o Sloped areas and bank maintenance
o Garden refuse collection and removal
o Landscaping Design
o Landscaping Implementation

Car Branding with Client Logo and Design

We allow branding on our cars using a Client company logo, for example if a client want to brand a car, the client can take the car to the designer of choice

Security officers & reaction unit

Wise Training Centre has a number of determined and dedicated security personals who are fully certified and equipped to perform duty at any given time.            


 Reaction Unit- Armed response

Our reaction unit is specifically trained to serve for armed and unarmed responses under varies security situations and to patrol the sites in which our security officers are based, ensuring that the processes are effectively operated under the standard requirements from the clients.

Shooting Range

Wise Training Centre has a shooting range of which is situated just outside the town of Ladysmith. The shooting range is fully registered and accredited – therefore it is fully compliant with all the statutes. The shooting serves the purpose to train for firearm competency and other training related to security such as VIP tactical exercises and close protection exercises

VIP Protection Service


Wise Security Divisions protection unit provides services as well as being the preferred bodyguard training centre for those who seek a career in the field of close protection. Our VIP Protector courses are fully certified and cover all aspects of the bodyguard function.

Our bodyguard services provide a complete VIP protection solution to local and abroad clients offering them all elements of safety ensuring that they are well protected in a discreet and confidential manner. Clients can be officials, celebrities, executives and an array of other projects. Blade protection will assist you in finding a solution to your requirements, whether it be training or the hiring of protectors


  • Bodyguards
  • Security drivers
  • Strike protection
  • Bodyguard training 

Roit Unit Services

Riot Unit forces to control, disperse, and arrest persons who are involved in ariot, demonstration, or protest. If a riot is spontaneous and irrational, actions which cause people to stop and think for a moment (e.g. loud noises or issuing instructions in a calm tone) can be enough to stop it.


For protection, officers performing riot control often wear protective helmets and carry riot shields. These are designed to protect the wearer from dangers that come from direct and hurled objects such as bottles and bricks. The gear frequently worn by riot control officers protects the entire body with no vulnerable spots to exploit